EasyPool Miner Client

We make mining handy.

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Getting started

EasyPool Miner launched

Enter your login from EasyPool website and rig name in the following format: Login/Rig, then press Save button before you start to mine.

Starting the mining process

To start mining cryptocurrency press “Start Mining” button.

Miner settings

Automatic start

Launch miner at Startup

Time schedule

Automatic launch of the miner at a specific period of time.

Start mining

Start settings: Do not start, Start immediately or when user in inactive for a certain period of time

Monitoring the work of miner

Full control over equipment directly from the client

Use your login and password from EasyPool website to access the Statistics page and watch how all your rigs in the application work. You will find the information about the hashrate, cards temperature and fan speed.

For Windows For Ubuntu