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    getting the most out of your mining rigs

    Share your ideas, feature requests and problems on the feedback page. EasyPool is different because we actually listen to what you have to say. Be part of the mining process and the future of cryptocurrencies. Don't just wait for change, become part of it.

    sgminer -o stratum+tcp://alt.easypool.me:3333 -u <your bitcoin address> -p x
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    Multiple coin pool

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    Profit auto switching

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    Auto exchange coins

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    Variable difficulty

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    0% fee during BETA with daily payments

Why EasyPool is different

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    Just point your mining software to alt.easypool.me:3333 with your Bitcoin address as username and that's it! No registration, no login, no email confirmations.
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    Feature rich

    EasyPool automatically switches to the most profitable coin (based on multivariate analysis) and then exchanges the mined coins for BTC. All you have to do is watch your wallet grow.
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    This is not just a pool. EasyPool is your pool. Want new features? No problem, just post your idea on the feedback page and let us worry how to implement it.

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EasyPool is a profit switching multipool with daily BTC payments. Features list:

  • Auto profit switching based on multiple variables
  • Auto exchange
  • Daily payments (every three hours for balances > 0.01 BTC and daily for balances > 0.001 BTC)
  • Great profitability
  • VARDIFF (Variable Difficulty) Disabled during BETA
  • Fast servers
  • Modified proportional payment system (hopping safe)

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BTC/day @ 1MH/s (24h avg) 0
BTC/day @ 1MH/s (7d avg) 0
BTC/day @ 1MH/s (30d avg) 0
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Total MH/s 0
Total users 16

Get started today!

Please consider using a compatible miner like sgminer, cudaminer, cpuminer or please update your cgminer install.

sgminer -o stratum+tcp://alt.easypool.me:3333 -u <your bitcoin address> -p x

  • Profit switching |
  • Auto exchange |
  • Daily payments